The Mother Road: Revisited consists of about 100 photographs taken in the 1950s which I have paired
with photographs I shot along the modern day Route 66, many taken as I traveled the route in my
revamped 1964 Shasta. The biggest hurdle I have encountered is finding the exact location where
each historic photograph was taken and setting up my own shot from the same vantage point. I then
study the differences between the old photograph and my view before I combine the two pictures into
a single image that shows both the new parts and vintage aspects of the scene. The resulting collage
dramatizes the transformations that have shaped the Route over the years: once one-way streets
now show two-way traffic, and swimming pools brimming with guests have given way to abandoned
lots. This project is an effort to show what America has done to its once booming American symbol,
the “Mother Road.”

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