Making some Gifs

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I had an idea after taking my Mother Road Revisited project to Houston Foto Fest, that I should make Gifs out of all my images from the exhibition. So below, are about 30 images that start with the 1930-1970 image and fade to the 2013 image. All of these images were taken on Route 66 […]

International Route 66 Conference

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Hey! I just wanted to write a quick update on what’s going on with the project.   I am applying to tour the show around the USA with Mid America Artist Alliance, I am turning in the application hopefully the end of next week, so I might know something very soon! The Route 66 International […]

I’ll be in ABQ this weekend!

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So, the show is traveling to Albequrque this weekend! I will only be in town for the weekend, at a car show at the Route 66 Hotel and Casino. If you’re in the area, you should come by and check out all the classic and custom cars that will be in the show and then […]

OKC Museum of Art Presentation

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Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile, and i have a lot of things to update you on, but for now, I want to make sure everyone knows where I’ll be next!   I have a presentation at the OKC Museum of Art on May 16th. If you’re in the area, and are hoping to […]

Closing tomorrow

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Man, this month as flown by! I had good intentions of uploading images of the gallery to the blog, and showing off some of the things I have over there, but I just couldn’t seem to get all the right pieces in place! So…if you want to come to the closing that is tomorrow, here […]

One Week!

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I wanted to post the details about the show opening a week from tomorrow… Also there is an after party at Dilly Deli from 9-midnight, come by and get some cake,  eat some food, and hang out. I look forward to seeing everyone at the show in one week! -Natalie  

17 days away!

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Well, everything is really rolling fast these days. The show opens in 17 days exactly at Living Arts in Tulsa on Brady St, in downtown Tulsa. I have almost all of the details ironed out. Last week we had a major coaster making session, in all, we made over 300 coasters with 15 different images […]

We made it in the Newspaper!

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This last week a photographer for the Tulsa World came by and photographed my studio for an article featuring me in the “Scene” section of the Sunday edition. You can see the article here This last weekend the Mother Road Revisited attended an antique show called “Vintage Tulsa Show.” While there, people got to interact […]

Vintage Tulsa Show!

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We will be at the Vintage Tulsa Show this Friday, Saturday Sunday showing off some of the peices for the show opening on April 5th at Living Arts of Tulsa! Come by and interact with a light box, look at the screen printed photos, check out the coasters and ask the artist any questions that […]

11 Weeks and Counting

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Well, we’re past the holidays, and all the details are falling into place for the show in April. I am going to try and post an update about the project every Friday, assuming there’s enough to update about. Anyway, so much happened this week! I am getting really excited about the Spot Light Artist oppurtunity […]